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So now that I am officially back in Santa Fe, my wonderful, amazing LA writers’ group kicked me to the curb and said I had to drop (boo, hiss). Practical, but I miss them — they were my writing team.

I have reached out here to try to find a new writers’ group but unfortunately haven’t been able to find a peer community (most writers I meet here are new to the craft or have notions about screenwriting that are not consistent with my working experiences in LA).

Ideally, I’d love to find six writers who are passionate about entertainment (i.e., consume film and television as if it is/it is your JOB), are actively producing material (minimum two features or 4 TV specs/pilots per year; more would be great), know what you’re doing and take it seriously. You know, people who want to be — or are –working writers.

Could that be you???

I don’t care where in the world you are, so long as you are a good writer, give good notes, and have a mastery of English (Canadian, Brit, Aussie and Kiwi writers, I’m looking at YOU — but not to the exclusion of any other geniuses out there who are writing in English and not native speakers…).

The structure of the group would be a standard writers’ group structure: we would email pages before the meeting, read them, and then meet virtually to discuss the notes. I’d like to do this twice a month, specific times TBD, with each meeting running no longer than 90 minutes (this obviously depends on how many of us present in a week).

Email me if you’re interested and we’ll go from there.

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  1. Fiona Johnston September 27, 2016 at 9:07 am #

    I am currently writing a thriller screenplay or at least trying to while learning more about screenwriting on a FL course. Its called The Serpent. The story concerns the death of a former agent of the Gestapo who had taken up residence in East Anglia and involves a tragic attack on a French village during the war, called Oradour. DI Louis McClean is investigating the crime and those involved but he is not only battling with his emotional loss of his wife and conscience but three Neo Nazis who abduct his female sidekick as they want to get the remains of the ‘victim’ I have other aspirations of adapting a novel into a screenplay, The House of Echoes by Barbara Erskine and also would love to write a script called The Gadfly, all these would give Douglas Henshall three potential roles as he is such a fine actor if you have ever watched him