Archive | September, 2009

When in a Draft: Re-Read Your Own Pages

I’ve been working on a draft these past couple of weeks, so I have the writing process on my mind. I was chatting with a couple of writer friends the other day and they both said when they’re drafting, they start the writing day by re-reading the previous day’s pages and editing them. This helps […]

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Josh Olson: “I Will Not Read Your Fucking Script.”

Josh Olson, screenwriter of A History of Violence, wrote this fantastic article about a non-writer “friend” who asked him, as a favor, to read an outline. This explains exactly why writers shouldn’t spend free time reading work that isn’t at a peer level. Because the average non-writer douchebag isn’t really interested in notes. They just […]

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Writing Down the Page

“Writing down the page” is an expression that basically means the thrust of the story moves down the page with action, description, dialogue and carefully chosen sparse elements, so the reader’s eye is continually pulled down the page and then to the next page. You should aim not to get the reader’s eye stuck in […]

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