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Editing Services

Monica provides a complete suite of screenplay editing services.

For working industry professionals or individuals who have a professional working understanding of screenwriting. This includes film school program graduates (AFI, USC, UCLA, etc.).

For writers who are newer to the craft and do not or have not had professional level exposure to screenwriting standards.


Ever wonder who’s reading your script when you send it off? Someone exactly (well, maybe not exactly) like me.

If you’re tired of getting nameless, faceless feedback about your script – or no feedback at all – here is your chance to put a name and a face to the coverage and script notes, someone to call when you want to rip your hair out.

I will read your screenplay and provide you with specific, actionable analysis that will help you write that script that will get your reader laughing and crying.

Email me at screenwritertoscreenwriter @ gmail.com to schedule a reading or with any questions.