The Confusion Between Main Character and Protagonist

Interesting information from Story Fanatic on the difference between the main character and protagonist.

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  1. sarah July 8, 2011 at 9:21 am #

    I have a script and need a title. Would you be able to help.

    Soldier engaged in humanitarian support for country in civil war. Emotionally connects with a lady who he sees needs looking out for. He isn’t directly involved with her, but he directs her path through protecting her from obvious dangers she encounters. He sees her running but doesn’t get involved, he then helps her when she is shot in the leg. He isn’t romantically involved with her but feels a sense of protection he becomes her guardian angel – although she is not aware of him, but later finds out by chance through reading some letters that her new friend has – her brother. She realises that the events in her life have been directly influenced by this soldier in a very positive way.