Hawking Oneself in the Golden Ambition of Writing

So, my new favorite blog is InternSpills.


THE INTERN is the unpaid toiler on the publishing house floor, licking stamps, reading slush, and copy-editing your train-wreck of a manuscript (for free) because the “real” copyeditor is down with the genital crabs.

I love The Intern because she is not unlike the Hollywood Intern. The Intern is the gatekeeper, such as the Reader in Hollywood is the gatekeeper. They have the power to say yes or no to your submission.

So, let’s look at the following links and think about this information also applies to the entertainment world:

Money Talks: Part 1

Money Talks: Part 1.5

Money Talks: Part 2

Okay, okay, before you get snippy and defensive, let’s think about it – isn’t this kind of similar to success in any field?

It’s really about self-marketing and the appearance of (or actually) working hard for success. If it appears one is busting one’s ass to lay the groundwork for success on one’s own, as opposed to hoping things will magically fall out of the sky, then this is something valuable. Something other professionals will get on board with.

To this end, screenwriting competitions are a good vehicle. If your script places as a finalist in a competition, or places at several competitions, this is a great calling card. If you’re a finalist at one of the best competitions in town, this is probably enough to get an appropriate manager to take a look at your script.

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