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Screenwriter-to-Screenwriter.com Introduces Log-In Area for Screenwriting Resources

Screenwriter-to-Screenwriter.com plans to offer later this spring or early summer a members only log-in area on the blog that will offer more substantial and focused screenwriting educational resources, including the following:

Film Beat Sheets
Beat Sheet Analysis
Genre and Sub-Genre Analysis
How To Outline Your Screenplay
How To Rewrite Your Screenplay

Each month a separate topic will be explored in detail, similar to a workshop, with supporting educational materials and discussions.

I’m also considering doing a monthly conference call or webinar to discuss the materials with writers and answer any questions you may have about the topic in relation to your own writing and screenplay.

If you’re interested in participating, please SIGN UP for my mailing list!

Happy writing!

4 comments to Screenwriter-to-Screenwriter.com Introduces Log-In Area for Screenwriting Resources

  • Paul Jason Wright

    Hi Monica,
    The more I read this the more I realise what a great help it would be. Comprehensive resources and constructive feedback are essential.

    As always thanks and keep up the great work.


  • Mike Bryant

    Great idea. I’m looking forward to joining. I love your blog! Every topic is key and your comments are informative and useful. Thanks!

  • Ron Lahusen

    The members only area sounds great. I just finished my first draft, and I have a lot of work ahead of me. I certainly want to be on your mailing list.



  • Paul Jason Wright

    I am already signed up on your mailing list and looking forward to the “Screenwriting Resources” being launched.
    Thanks once again for your helpful and informative site Monica.